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welcome to the cyber Chronicles my
name’s Brian Stevenson and I am your
host this week is a pretty incredible
episode we’re going to talk about
something that impact worldwide
cybersecurity we’re going to talk about
latest vlog wind var we’re going to talk
about turbo tax has some issues recently
and new tax accounts 4G and 5g mobile
networks but the biggest story of the
week we’re going to talk about the US
Cyber Command and what they allegedly
did so stay tuned also we’re gonna have
a little bit fun this week every time we
make a transition see if you can tell
what the differences are put your your
comments down below and we will have a
prize for people that have figured it I
just gonna have one price sorry we’re
not we’re not rich one price for
somebody who figures it out thanks so
and let’s get started okay coming in in
fifth most popular article the week bug
my headset is falling off here the
latest win
Rahr Rahr 5 if i pronounced that
correctly please correct me down below
flaw being exploited in the wild of it
hack Windows computers so it’s not just
the critical dribble of vulnerability as
being exploited in the wild cyber
criminals to attack vulnerable websites
that are not yet applied patches already
available by its developers but hackers
are also explaining a critical window
our vulnerability that was also revealed
this week it’s a 19 year old remote code
execution vulnerability disclosed by
checkpoint a few days ago or earlier
last week so as always patch often patch
frequently and always make sure to patch
with a website however make sure you’ve
got a production and a site that you can
test those types of things so that was
our 5th most possible article the week
if I can talk and let’s move on to
number 4 ok our fourth most popular
article of the Week comes to us by SC
magazine undisclosed number of TurboTax
accounts were breached just recently
Intuit the company behind the tax
preparation software TurboTax said that
users accounts may have been accessed by
an unauthorized Authority hacker to
decipher that threat actors use
for combinations to obtain by the non
into its source
after undisclosed number of TurboTax
accounts were breached in a credential
stuffing attack if you don’t know what
that is they just start throwing
credentials at it and see if they can
break in surprise that that that was
able to work tax returns for the prior
year current tax returns in progress
names Social Security numbers address
date of birth driver’s license and all
financial information salaries and
deductions were compromised that’s not a
good one so if you’re using TurboTax
obviously you change your username and
password and as always you probably want
to lock down your credit we always
recommend lock down your credit if you
don’t need credit lock it down to
protect anybody using your information
for their own credit Perrone
mischievious devices so let’s move on to
number three okay number three this is
an interesting one new tax against 4G 5g
mobile networks renewable imsc
eye-catchers so this comes from a hacker
news which always has just great
articles that come out every week really
impressed with the amount of content
they put out at the end ESS suppose iam
in 2019 a group of university
researchers revealed newly discovered
cellular vulnerabilities impact both 5g
and 4G according to the paper published
privacy tax to 4G and 5g cellular attack
protocols are using side channel
information using devices you may have
heard of something like called stingray
to intercept users phone calls and then
track their location so interesting
article will have the link below buy
this by the Akron ease let’s move on to
number two okay our second most popular
article of the Week comes to us by ZDNet
us white hard drives at Russian troll
Factory last year’s hack so this
initially came out the Washington Post
we’re going to talk about that in a
second but ZDNet did further research
and found out that not only did they do
with the washington post claims but they
wop wiped out locked out light out hard
drives and the russian control factory
the tro factor is called the internet
research agency or IRA now particularly
the good news
to use their but you know whatever and
apparently the US Cyber Command
Operations Center wiped out hard drives
reformatted hard drives and also
destroyed raid controllers the article
ZDNet was the link below it’s a really
good article check it out let’s move on
to our most popular article of the week
ok our most popular article the Week
comes to us by the Washington Post this
is a bombshell was all over the
Twitterverse Universe internet over the
hell you call it us command center
operation allegedly disrupted Internet
access for the Russian troll Factory on
the day of the 2009 2018 excuse me
midterms this is a great article you
need to pick it up apparently the US
military blocked internet access and the
infamous Russian entity IRA we just
talked about that in a second most
popular article a warning that Kremlin’s
operations can see the United States
would not be cost-free so it’s very
interesting it basically took the IRA
off now down they shut them down they
had numerous sources in here that stated
this is what happened this is the first
time and that I can recall and really
for you know since a long time the US
government has taken any action
whatsoever on an offensive capability
for the US command center US Cyber
Command Operations Center so we read
that article very interesting to see
what repercussions are see how this may
may heat up a little bit so we may be in
for some interesting times with that
that’s the most popular article to week
thank you so much for watching the cyber
Chronicles we really appreciate it if
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